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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
A Cross-Cultural Study on How Women Leaders Combine Work and Family
CHEN Xue-fei & Fanny M. Cheung
Theoretical Exploration of Feminization of Care
LIANG Li-xia
Research on Women Scientific Workers' Occupational Drive and Measures for Their Advancement
ZHANG Ting-jun & ZHANG Zai-sheng
On Gender Segregation in Academic Community——Narrative Analysis about the Female Teachers of a Research University
Gender Effects on the Employment and Promotion of Civil Servants: From the Perspective of Representative Bureaucracy
Empirical Study of the Influence of Childbearing on Work and Family of Women Professionals in Shanghai
CHEN Wan-si & CHEN Xin
Phenomenon of Promotion of People of "Nonpartisan, Intellectual, of Minority Origin and Female" within the System Framework——Based on the Interviews of Female Heads in Hubei
CHEN Li-qin
Revolution, Ceremonies and Gender: International Women's Day and Its Introduction and Celebration in the Period of Nationalist Revolution
Fellow Natives, the Media and the New Women: Reexamining the Case of Liu Lian-bin's Suicide
Portrait of "Body" in Ding Ling's Fictions from a Gender Perspective
Relationships among the Others: Ethical Interpretations of Beauvoir's Thinking of Relationships between Mothers and Daughters
CHENG Hong-wu
Intimate Partners' Violence against Chinese Pregnant Women——A Review of Studies in Mainland China and Hong Kong
Ko Ling CHAN et al.
Literature Review on the Relationship between Female Directors and Corporate Governance
ZHANG Na & PENG Su-mian
Summary of "Chinese Women in History Seminar"
LIU Shu-li
Women in Sciences: The Myth of Academic Output from the Perspective of Life History
ZHOU Lu-jun
History as Reminisced by Their Body: Dorothy Ko's: "Cinderella's Sister: a Revisionist History of Footbinding"
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