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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Research on Media Literacy as a Strategy to Advocate Gender Equality
BU Wei
Gender and City Community Safety: Women's Participation in "Lower Class Politics"
GUO Xia-juan
Why do Women and Men for or against Same Age Retirement? ——Empirical Study of the Factors Influencing Retirement Age Choices
LIU Bo-hong, GUO Li & HAO Rui
Growth of Senior Women in Science and Development Strategy: Report of Qualitative Research in Five Provinces
Project Team on the Research of the Growth of Senior Women
Personnel and Policy Recommendation for Their Advancement
Analysis on Social Exclusion and its Influence on Senior Female Personnel——Based on Investigation in Fujian Province
XU Yan-hui & XIONG Huan
Gender Study on the Status and Role of Women in Scientific Experiments
Female Township Cadres' Social Capital——A Case Study of the C City of Hunan Province
LIAO Yi-ni & NIE Jian-liang
Is Chastity Women's Lot in Chinese Culture?——Recent Events and Discussion of Virginity and Women's Rights
Lopsided Memorial Arch of Chastity
Li Yin-he
Smash without Doubt the Feudalist Memorial Arch of Chastity
Exposing the Ghost of "Virgin"
DU Fang-qin
Rejecting the Views of Chastity, and Yet Not to Deny Women's Sexual Rights
Chastity Means to Control Women's Sexuality
KE Qian-ting
Dilemma between "Reputation" and Interests
AN Dun
Not on Any Account Shall We Kidnap People in the Name of Morality
DAI Gang
Women in Water Construction Movements in the 1950s and 60s: Hui Women Reservoir in Hui'an County, Fujian Province
YANG Qi-fu & WANG Wei-wei
Contrast between Public Opinion Rising and Ending in Defeat: Guangdong Women's Right to Political Participation in 1921
FU Jin-zhu
Nature vs. Culture: Origin of "Broken Shoes", A Rural Woman's Appellation
LIU Zhong-yi
Thoughts on Constructing "Seventeen-Years" Chinese History of Women's Literature
SONG Sheng-quan
Feminist Language Policy in Germany by Way of Gender Mainstreaming
ZHANG Zhi & KONG De-ming
Law from a Gender Perspective so as to Promote Gender Equality: Review of Fifteen Years' History of the Column of "Women and Law" in the China Women's University Journal
ZHOU Ying-jiang
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