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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Retreating back Home Willingly or Being Unwillingly Sent Home? ——Debates on "women-going-home" and the Ideological Transformation in the Course of Marketization in China
SONG Shao-peng
Intergenerational Reciprocal Care or Welfare Default? ——Gender and Intergenerational Exchange of Care in Domestic Labor in Dual-earner Families
TAO Yan-lan
Gender Gaps and Authority in China's Urban Workplaces
TANG You-cai
Decision-making on Family Purchases in a Transitional Rural Chinese Society: A Perspective based on"Cultural Norms Theory"
YANG Xue-yan, LU Xiao-qian & LI Shu-zhuo
Sense of Gender Equality in Rural-to-urban Migrant Households: Based on a Study of Migrant Households in Beijing
ZHANG Chuan-hong & LI Xiao-yun
Gender Differences in Self-disposal Time in China's Urban and Rural Areas
Yang Hui
Development of Thought and Practice of Women's Employment Security of CPC
HUANG Gui-xia
View the Increase of the Husband's Power after the Warring States Period from the Book of Rites
JIAO Jie & GENG Guan-jing
Disintegration and Reconstruction of the Role of Modern Chinese Women: Records from the Bei Yang Pictorials of China
HAN Hong-xing
Modern Implications of the Female Body Portrayed by the Publications during the Nationalist Period
Constructing a Woman-Centered Discourse of Literary Criticism: A Study of Elaine Showalter's Gynocritics
ZHAN Jun-feng
Advancement or Compromise: Gender Structures in the Professionalization of Nursing in the West
MA Dong-ling
Review of Chinese Scholars' Research on History of Female Body in Song Dynasty
Analysis of Authors Contributing to the Collection of Women's Studies in the Recent Ten Years: Based on a Biblio-metrics Analysis
ZHAO Ye-zhu & CHENG Hai-xia
New Experience in Developing Courses in Women's/Gender Studies: Summary of the "2nd National Seminar on Experiences with the Development of Courses in Women's/Gender Studies"
WANG Jin-ling & JIANG Jia-jiang
Feminist Economics Re-examination of Economic Theory and Policy in Post Financial Crisis Era: Summary of the 20th Annual Conference of International Association of Feminist Economics
CHEN Xin-xin
Gaining Understanding through Distinguishing Other Views-Gender Study: Theoretical Background and Literary and Cultural Explanations
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