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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Rethinking of Crime in Whoring with An Underage Girl: From a Perspective of Applying International Covenants
ZHAO He-jun
Gender Analysis of Marital Status Agreements
Gender Analysis of Reforms of Retirement Age
LIU Ming-hui
An Empirical Research on Factors Affecting Individual Support of the Same Retirement Age among Female Civil Servants
ZHANG Zai-sheng & LI Xiang-fei
Gender, Sexuality and Empowerment: A Case Study of Women Leaders in Embroidery Groups after the Sichuan Earthquakes on May 12
PEI Yu-xin
Inquiry into of the Contemporary Style of Chinese Women's Participation in Politics: Policy Considerations
TANG Ya-hui
Inappropriateness of the 11th Article of the most Recent "Marriage Law Explanation (III)": From a perspective of "Protecting the Other's Rights and Interests Inside the Joint Property of Marriage"
WU Xue-hua
Communist International and Growth of Women's Movement
Evaluation of Women's Microcredit Operational Mechanisms: Empirical Analysis of Zhao Wuda Women's Sustainable Development Association in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia
WANG Hai-jing
Relationship between the Reform of Theatre and Women Emancipation in Late Qing Dynasty and the Early Republic of China: Henan as an Example
HUANG Wen-ji
Narrative of Love and Desire in the Gender Politics of 1950's-1970's
LIU Chuan-xia
A Feminist Perspective of Family Medicine
XU Zhen-min
American Women, Religion and Politics
WANG En-ming
Women Poverty: From Rural to Urban and Rural, from Income Poverty to Multidimensional Poverty——Evaluation of Studdies of "Women Poverty" in China Since 2000
ZHANG Xue-mei, LI Jing & LI Xiao-yun
Towards Conscientious Gender Research Methods: Account of "2011 Gender Research Methods Forum at the Annual Conference of Sociological Studies"
ZHENG Dan-dan & LI Guang-ling
Their Living World: Review of "Unfortunate Objects": Lone Mothers in Eighteenth-Century London
LU Xiao-yan
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