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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Executive Report of the 3rd Survey on the Status of Chinese Women Project Group of the 3rd Survey on the Status of Chinese Women Legislation against Domestic Violence Needs a Masculinity Perspective
Legal Norms and Organizational Strategy: Women's Labor Rights in Transformation of Systems
Son Preference or Preference for Having Son and Daughter? ——Chinese Attitudes towards Reproduction and Policy Implications
YANG Xue-yan, LI Shu-zhuo & SHANG Zi-juan
Gender Analysis of Differences in Sex Ratio at Birth between Rural and Urban Areas in China
CHEN Ting-ting & YE Wen-zhen
Access to Abortion among Unmarried Women Aged 15-24
ZHENG Xiao-ying, YANG Rong-rong, CHEN Hua, TAN Ling-fang & CHEN Gong
Women's University of China: A Significant Undertaking in Training Women Cadres during the Anti-Japanese War
"Flower Vase": Image and Discourse of Female Clerks in China in the 1930s
On Zhang Xue-cheng's View of Women and Its Intrinsic Contradiction
PANG Wen-yu
Art Exchange through Cross-media Adaptation and Women's Radiance——Reading Girl with a Pearl Earring from a Feminist Perspective
FU Shou-xiang & LI Xin
Alias Olympia: Behind Stares
American Media and Anti-feminist Movement
YAO Gui-gui
Family Changes and Family Support Policy: Commentary of "International Seminar on Chinese Family Changes and Family Support Policy"
Enhancing the Development of Women's Studies and Promoting the Training of Specialized Professionals: Summary of the Academic Forum on "Development of Women's Studies and Training of Specialized Professionals"
WANG Xiang-mei
Summary of the Third International Academic Seminar on Gender
GUO Hai-wen
Account of "2011 International Seminar on Women's Existence and Development"
The Editorial of the Journal of Women's College of Shandong
GPS in Feminist Studies: Review of Mappings: Clash between Feminism and Contemporary Literature
LIU Ying & HU Cui-e

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