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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Gender Justice in the Perspective of Contemporary Feminist Political Philosophy
GAO Jing-zhu
Analysis on Sex Consciousness and Its Influential Factors about High-level Female Talents:Based on the Data of Investigation in Fujian Province
MENG Xiang-fei & XU Yan-hui
Characteristics of Gender Role of Women Entrepreneurs
LI Cheng-yan
Thoughts on the Right of Women Workers to Breastfeeding in China
MAO Zhuo-yan, PANG Tian-qi & CHEN Rong
Participatory Gender Budget:The Case of Wenling
GUO Xia-juan & LU Xiao-min
Gender and Class: Women's Liberation Movement during the Soviet Era
SONG Shao-peng
Rescue of Servant Girls in Beijing in the Early Nationalist Period: Centered on Government Relief 1912-1937
SUN Gao-jie
Portraits of Female Body in the Chinese Literature in 1950-1970
LIU Chuan-xia & JIANG Kai-xuan
Focusing on Quota, Transcending Numbers: Comparing Affirmative Policy in Women's Political Participation in China and India
MIN Dong-chao
Women in Politics in World's Cities - Paris, LI Hong-feng, New York, London, Tokyo: Case Studies and Enlightenment to Beijing
LI Ying-tao, Zhang Ying & GU Lei
Once in Power: A Gender Analysis of the Female Presidents and Democratic Transition in Southeast Asia
FAN Ruo-lan & CHEN Yan
Obstetricians Encountering the "Fear of Maternal Pain"?: The Body Politics of Chinese Women's Delivery Experience
TAO Yan-lan
International Research on Gender Differences in Higher Education: An Inspiration to China's Cultivation of High-Potential Female Talent
SHI Tong & LI Jie
Summary of 2011 Annual Conference of the Chinese Women's Research Society and Symposium on "Chinese Women's Development in a New Era and Gender Equality"
JIANG Xiu-hua, MI Rui-xin & SHI Kai-liang
Penetration during a Dialogue on Gender and Public Policy: Summary of the International Symposium on Gender and Public Policy
Summary of the "2011 China (Chong qing) Women's Forum"
CHEN Wei & LUO Qiong
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