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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
On the Progress of Women/Gender Studies in China from the Collection of Women's Studies——Analysis of the Changes in the Columns, Themes and Contents in the Past 20 Years
JIANG Xiu-hua
Recording History, Exchanging Information and Spreading Ideas: Comments on the Summary of the Symposium on the Collection of Women's Studies
CHANG Yin-ting & YANG Xia
Son Preference and Imbalanced Sex Ratio at Birth: Cultural Foundations of Demand
YANG Ju-hua
Production and Reproduction of Son Preference as A Reproductive Culture
LI Wei-dong & SHANG Zi-juan
Farmers' Organizations from a Gender Perspective: Based on Research in Xinzhou District, Wuhan
ZHANG Cui-e & YANG Xia-ling
Analysis of Factors Affecting Female College Graduates' Job Satisfaction
ZHANG Zai-sheng & DONG Lin-qian
Son Preference and Patriarchal Systems: Empirical and Gender Analysis of the Imbalance in Sex Ratio at Birth in China
LI Hui-ying
The Cause and Regulation of Women's Remarriage in Ming and Qing Dynasties
REN Xiao-lan
Novels at the End of Qing and Images of Modern Women
Whose Environment? Whose Development? Eco-feminist Concerns and Challenges
DAI Xue-hong
Women, Environment and Development: Vandana Shiva's Eco-Feminism and Its Critique
ZHANG Shu-lan
Realizing Work-Life Balance for Career Women from the Perspective of Leadership Development
A Review of Chinese Studies on Female Employees' Work-Family Conflict
DENG Zi-juan & LIN Zhong-hua
Review and Reflections of the Past Ten Years of Studies of Women's History in Tang and Song Dynasties
Another Perspective on Women's Oppression: Reflections on Feminist Politics and Human Nature
YU Hui
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