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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Dilemma in the Election of Female County Governors from the Perspective of its Transactional Costs
CHEN Li-qin
Understanding the Complexity of Family Patriarchy in a Traditional Chinese Society——A Marital Life-Course Perspective
ZUO Ji-ping
Rights Denied or Given: Changes in Women's Status in the Family——Analysis of Changes in the Relationship between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law in the T Town of the Central Region of Hubei Province
Adopting Domestic Violence Prevention Law to Promote Social Harmony
Fighting against Domestic Violence to Build Harmonious Society
Wang Shi-zhou
Inevitability and Feasibility of Making the Domestic Violence Prevention Law
XIA Yin-lan
Basic Principles in Making the Domestic Violence Prevention Law
CHEN Ming-xia
Anti-Domestic Violence Legislation Should Give Sound Definition of Domestic Violence
LI Ming-shun
Model of Collaboration among Relevant Agencies in the Domestic Violence Prevention Law
XUE Ning-lan
The Civil Protection Order and Its Chinese Characteristics
XIAO Jian-guo
Implications of Convention concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers for Chinese Legislation
LIU Ming-hui
Women in Folklore In and Outside of China
Women's Textile Movement during the Anti-Japanese War: The Case of Wuxiang County in Shanxi
XU Shu-xian
Women's Contribution to Agricultural Production in the Central Soviet Base Areas
YE Qing
A Tactical Translation of "Fidelity": On Bali Chahuanü Yishi's New Interpretation of Chastity in Late Qing
Women Experience and Narrative Genre——Gladys Reichard's Navajo Research
ZHANG Xiao-jia
About the 2011 "White Paper on Gender Equality" of Japan
The Body's Deconstruction and Reconstruction: On Judith Butler's Bodies That Matter
SUN Ting-ting
The Gender Differences in Final Year Undergraduates' Salary Expectations: A Perspective of Gender Role Socialization
ZHU Jian
Understanding and Interpretation the Status of Chinese Women in the New Era——Summary of "the Symposium of the 3rd Survey on the Status of Chinese Women"
JIANG Yong-ping, et,al.
Localization of Women's Health Research in China in the Past 20 Years
On Maiden Home and Home of the in-laws: The Living Space of Huabei Rural Women and Their behind the Scene Power
CHEN Peng & WANG Xue
Foreign Land is Homeland: On Home away from Home
KONG Jie-qun
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