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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
The Characteristics and Cultivation of Harmonious Gender Relations
Recognizing a Private Space that Can Store Dignity: Understanding the Principles of Service among Women Offering Sexual Services
WANG Jin-ling
The Improvement of Legislation on Women's Labor Protection: Discussions of the Special Rules on Women's Labor Protection
Six Highlights of the Special Rules on Women's Labor Protection
LIN Yan-ling
Protecting Women's Labor Rights: A Safeguard for Building Harmonious Labor Relations
QIAN Xiao-fei
Changes in Legislation on Maternity Benefits
LIU Ming-hui
Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: the Importance and Its Practice
LI Ying
On the Adoption of Limits of Women's Prohibited Labor in the Transitional Period of Chinese Society
YU Wen-lan
The Inevitability of Special Protection and the Continuation of Equal Development: International Trends in Women's Labor Protection
LIU Bo-hong
Gender Statistics and Its Use in the Promotion of Government Service Functions
CHEN Shu-mei, CHEN Lan-yan & WANG Xiang-mei
The Lack and Correction of Parental Care for Girls Who Stay Behind in the Countryside: A Case Study of H Township Fuping County of Weinan City, Shaanxi Province
LI Chun-bin
Folklore: the Value for Studies of Women in History and Usages
WU Xin
Establishing the Principle of Equality between Men and Women in the Modern Chinese Civil Law: Based on Changes in Women's Legal Status
XU Jing-li
Influence of People Diplomacy on Development of Women's Organizations
Female Subjectivity in Mao's Era: From Women by Wei Junyi
A Study from a Multi-dimensional Gender Perspective of A. S. Byatt's Fiction
LIU Ai-qin
Analysis of Global Goals of Maternal Health and Differences in Advancement
PENG Xian-mei
Biocolonialism: An Ecofeminist Perspective
YU Jiang-xia
Non-institutional Barriers to Women's Leadership and Countermeasures
LI Jing
Marriage, Family and Gender Stereotypes in Social Transformation: Summary of the 6th Women's Forum in Asia
WEI Guo-ying & NAN Xiao-juan
Summary of the International Forum on "Women, Health, Ethics and Soliety"
DAI Bei-fen & ZHU Xiao-jia
Sexual Diversity, an Extension of Gender Studies: Accounts of the Workshop on Sexual Diversity: Theory and Practice
FANG Gang, WANG Wei-yuan & LüNa
Women's Literary Studies, New Endeavors in the New Century: Sun Guirong's Multiplicities of Sexual Expression: Studies of Female Discourse in Chinese Contemporary Literature
LIU Si-qian
Changes and New Openings Upon Dislocation: Localization of Feminist Theory in a Discussion of A Gender Perspective of Chinese Classical Literature and Culture
CHEN Qian-li
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