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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
The Impact of Subjective Norms on the Sex-selective Intention during Pregnancy: A Study Based on TRA Model and Social Ties Structure in Rural China
YANG Xue-yan & Gillian Einstein
Analysis of Influencing Factors in Rural Women's Right in Significant Family Decisions
The Impact of Care for Parents on the Health of Married Women in Rural China
GU He-jun & LIU Yun-ping
Effects of Social Support Networks on the Mental Health of Rural Women Left at Home in the Northwest Region: A Survey from Gansu Province
Support Networks for Women Staying behind in Villages: Based on a Study of 2414 Rural Women in 66 Counties Spreading in 16 Provinces
Lü Fang
Desegregating the Crime of Whoring with a Girl under the Age of Fourteen to Rape and Child Molestation and Amending the Relative Criminal Legislation
Honored Feminine by the Government and the Influences on the Lives of Women by This System during the Han Dynasty
GU Li-hua
Community-based Justice and the Protection of Women's Rights: A Case of Woman Pursuing Separation in the Republic of China
LI Wen-jun
Modern Expressions of Gender: Wang Hanlun's Film Acting and Negotiation of Sex
WANG Qing-yi
Development of a Feminist Perspective in Contemporary Marxist Philosophy: Nancy Hartsock's Dialectical Feminism
LU Jin-qiu
Women's Oppression in the Family-based Mode of Production: Reading The Main Enemy: A Materialist Analysis of Women' s Oppression
XU Chun-rong
Construction of Subjects and Its General Mechanisms: Based on a Survey of Employers of "Sex Industry" and their Presentation When Mentioning "Xiaojie"
YAO Xing-liang, HUANG Ying-ying & PAN Sui-ming
Reflections on the Book Review Columns of the Collection of Women's Studies
MI Rui-xin
Female Employees in Overseas Tourism
FAN Xiang-li
Reflections on Global Environment Issues Research under a Gender Perspective
LIU Bo-hong
The Regulations and Imagination over Female Roles during the Post-virgin: The Precious Raft of History: The Past, the West, and the Woman Question in China
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