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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Deepening Progressive Gender Studies and Contributing to the Development and Prosperity of Socialist Culture
CHEN Zhi-li
From Sameness to Difference: On the Transformation of Female Identity, Knowledge and Discourse
CHEN Li-ping
"Agriculture - Tourism" Field Transition and Gender Division of Labor among Ethnic Minorities: A Practical Perspective
ZHAO Qiao-yan
Pre-school Education among Children of Migrant Workers and the Employment of Migrant Women
SONG Yue-ping & LI Long
Work-Family Balance among Female Staff of High-Star Hotels
YU Yan-ping, LUO Jin-lian & ZHOU Yan-qiu
A Legal Research on Systematic Compensation for Pregnancy among Women Who still Wear IUDs
LI Xiao-ping
Equality and Difference: Dual Characteristics of Differences between Sexes in Modern China
SONG Shao-peng
Body and Space: Women and Women's Activities during Han Wei and Six Dynasties
XIA Zeng-min
"Queen without Crown" or "Party Girl": The Media Image and Self-identity of Women Journalists in Republic China
FENG Jian-xia
Women's Body, Nation's Eyes: A Study of Miss Etiquette in International Games
WANG Cang-long
Cultural Implications of "Making Patchwork Quilts" and the American Feminist Literary Tradition
The Gendered Logic of University Organizational Culture——A Case Study in a Research-oriented University
Gender Politics between the Staring and the Stared at: Stories of Female Students at the Ginling College and Male Students at the Ginling University
Summary of the 2012 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Women's Studies on "Development and Prosperity of Socialist Culture and Gender Equality"
MI Rui-xin & SHI Kai-liang
Moving the Transformation of "She": Summary of the International Symposium on Chinese Women's Development in Shanghai in 2012
LI Han-lin
Foreign Women's Entrepreneurship Research Review and Future Directions
CHEN Yan-ni
Review of Research on Women's Crimes in China from 1992 to 2011
CHEN Jin-song, PAN Juan & WU Shu
"Gender" in "Cultural Politics": On Dong Li-min's Gender, Discourse and Politics of Writing
QIAO Yi-gang
A Ray of Feminist Philosophy: On The Cambridge Companion to Feminism in Philosophy
ZHU Xiao-jia
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