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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
An Institutional Analysis on the Implementation of the Basic State Policy of Equality between Men and Women
LIN Hong, YIN De-ting & SU Yang
Gender Differences in Educational Attainment: Impacts of Family Background on Educational Attainment of Men and Women
LI Chun-ling
Gender Differences in the Development of Education as Shown by GPI
FANG Chang-chun
"Glass Ceilings" in Professional Development of Female Faculty Viewed from Analysis of the Faculty Structure
SHENG Yun-long
Organized Visits to the Countryside: Women's Organization in Contemporary State
——Case with Huang County in Huabei based on Historical Records and Field Studies
YANG Cui-ping
Economic Status of Women Teachers during the Republic of China (1912-1937)
MA Fang-fang
Technology and Sex/ Gender-based Politics in the Cyberspace
SHEN Yi-fei
"Rebels in the Male Dominated Kingdom"
——Male Intellectuals who Fought for Women's Suffrages in England
WU You
The Power and the Oppressed: a Study on the Stereotypes of African-American WomenWu Xin-yun
30 Years of Women's/Gender Studies in China since the Reform and Opening up: 2008 Summary of the 2008 Annual Conference of the China Women's Research Association
YANG Yu-jing
"21 Century Feminist Agenda Women's Years, Freedom Years": Account of the Workshop to Mark the 25th Anniversary of the Women's Bureau in Spain
LIU Bo-hong
Promotion of Gender Equality in Globalization and Local Adaptation: Summary of "the 3rd Seminar on Women and Gender Studies in China and Nordic Countries"
WEN Yi-qun
Women Workers'Labor Protection and Gender Equality: Summary of the "Workshop on the Draft of Revised Guidelines on Women Workers' Labor Protection"
MA Dong-ling & LI Ya-ni
Gender Inequalities in Labor Markets: Occulational Seggregation based on Sex and Disparity in Income between the Two Sexes
Summary of "The 19th Asian Women Conference"
HE Jian-hua
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