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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Closing Speech at the 2008 Chinese Women's Research Society's Annual Meeting and Workshop on"China Women's/Gender Studies in the Thirty Years of Reform and Opening-up"
Review on Thirty Years of Women/Gender Studies
——Speech at the Opening Ceremony of Forum on Thirty Years of Reform and Opening-up of China Held by ACWF
Legal Protection of Women's Rights
XUE Ning-lan
Women's Political Participation and Gender Equality in Policy Advocacy: Policy Advocacy on Addressing the Imbalance of Sex Ratio at Birth
LI Hui-ying
Media, Gender and Communicative Activism
BU Wei
Contemporary Gender-Aware Philosophy in China (1995-2008)
XIAO Wei & SONG Jian-li
Degree Oriented Education in Women's Studies in China
Local Strategy and Methods: Women's/Gender Studies in Literature
Research on Security of Female Tourists
ZHENG Xiang-min & FAN Xiang-li
Thirty Years of Chinese Reform and Opening-up and Rural Women's Development
LI Xiao-yun, DONG Qiang & WANG Dong-mei
Gender in Rural Migration and Coexistence of Two Types of Production
JIN Yi-hong
Effect of Government Services on Rural Migrant Women: Case with "The Cotton Picking Army" in Xinjiang
LIU Ning
Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Women's Employment Structure and Changes in Group Formations in the Formation of Labor Markets in Shanghai
LU Jian-min & LIU Hui-fen
The Achievement of Women's Education in China Since Reform and Opening-up: A Global Perspective
ZHAO Ye-zhu
30 Years of Women's Adult Education and Continuing Education
TANG Ya-hui
Gender Analysis of New Reporting on the Seniors: Using Renmin Daily, Beijing Evening News and Jinghua Times
LIU Li-qun & ZHANG Jing-jie
Negative Effects of Mass Media on Women Consumers
HU Jin-feng
Way Out of Legal Constraints on Female Cohabitants' Rights
HE Li-xin
Thinking of Prejudications of Abused Women Who Fight Violence with Violence
LIU Shu-xia
Research and Policy Strategy to Address the Imbalance in Sex Ratio at Birth in the Western Ethnic Regions: Findings From Jinfeng District in Yinchuan City, Ningxia
HE Yin-ling & SANG Min-lan
Research on Changes in Childcare in Chinese Urban Families Since Reform and Opening-Up——A Case of Parenting Science
LI Ya-ni
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