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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Opportunities for and Challenges in Women's Federations' Participation in Public Administration and Public Services
KONG Jing-xun
Women Workers' Labor Protection in Transitional China
LIU Bo-hong
How Women Gain Status in State-Owned Enterprises Once System Reforms: Cases with H and L Factories in J City
WU Zhong-zhe
ntellectual Women, Reproduction and Occupational Development: Study of 21 Women in Shanghai
GUP Yun-dan
A Public Policy Perspective of the Difficulties in Women's College Students' Employment
LI Qian
Key Issues in Legislation on Women Workers' Labor Protection
LV Hong-yan
The Amendment of the"Women Workers' Labor Protection Regulation" Should Properly Address the Important Relationships
Legislative Principles and Spirit to Be Reflected by the Amendment of the "Women Workers' Labor Protection Regulation"
LI Ying
Reconsideration of the "Types of Work Prohibited to Women"
MA Yi-nan
Negative Effects of Restriction of Women in Certain Professions
LIU Ming-hui
Establishing a System to Share Costs of Women Workers' Labor Protection
PAN Jin-tang
Kang Ke-qing and Her Efforts to Guide the ACWF out of the Cultural Revolution
GENG Hua-min
Women and the Law on Sexual Impropriety in the Bamboo Scripture of the Han Dynasty
GU Li-hua
Models for Developing Women's Studies as a Discipline in Post-secondary Education
Transnational Voyage of the Vagina Monologues
A Gender Perspective in Research on HIV/AIDS and Risky Sexual Behaviors in the West
LIU Hui-jun & YAN Shao-hua
Literature Review on the Studies of Housework in Economics
ZHEN Mei-rong
Same Retirement Age for Women and Men, How Far to go: Summary of the "Workshop on Gender Equality in Retirement Policy"
HE Jian-hua & LI Ya-ni
Publication of the "Report on Gender Equality and Women's Advancement in China, 2006-2007" (Women's Green Book)
JIANG Xiu-hua
Proximity and Distance: Summary of the Symposium on "Changes in Family and Social Response in China and Korea"
WEI Guo-ying
Constructing Morals in Writing Sexuality: Reading The Sadeian Women
KE Qian-ting
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