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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Forms of Women's Legal Aid in China
HAN Rong-he
Viewing China's Legislation from the Perspective of Gender Equality in Feminist Jurisprudence
The "One-and-A-Half Child Policy": An Analysis from the Perspective of Gender and Social Policy
YANG Ju-hua
Family Planning Policies and the Imbalance in Sex Eatio at Birth
NIU Yan-jun & MU Yu-feng
The Family and Transitional China: Focus on "Housewives"
LIU Shuang & MA Yan
Systemic Factors in the Impoverishment of Divorcesd Women
XU Jing- li
Protection of Concubines' Rights and Interests during the Nanjing Nationalist Government Period: Centered on Civil Legal Cases at the Jiangsu High Court
TAN Zhi-yun
Nationalist Government's Influence on Women: The New Life Movement before the Anti-Japanese War (1934-1937)
"Backward Female Images": "Symptom" in the Collectivization of Agriculture Narratives
Gender Matters: Writed by Esther Ngan-ling Chow Translated by Studying Globalization and Social Change in the 21st Century
CAI Yi-ping TAN Lin
Ideology Governing Gender Divisions of Labor among the Middle Class in the 19th Century Britain
LI Bao-fang
Tourism Development and Women in Host Society
——A Gender Analysis
LIN Qing-qing & DING Shao-lian
Summary of "the First Academic Symposium on the Network of Disciplinary Development of the Women's/Gender Studies"
Cai Hong
Summary of"Workshop on Gender Theory and JING Sha-man, Analytical Method in Law and Policy"
WU Yuan & TIAN Ya-ping
Summary of "The Policy Seminar on Reconciling Work and Family Responsibilities"
LI Ya-ni
Case Studies and the Pursuit of Overall History: Comments on The Smart Woman in Zhang's
Evaluating Australian Feminist Studies
MI Rui-xin
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