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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Rules of Division of Intellectual Property Rights in Conjugal Property System
ZHENG Qi-bin
State of Migrant Women Population in China
DUAN Cheng-rong &ZHANG Fei LU Xue-he
Analysis of System Coordination in Social Policy on Managing Sex Ratio at Birth at the County Level in China
YANG Xue-yan, LI Shu-zhuo & LI Yan SHI Yan-qun
Multiple Implications of Rural "Capable Women" for Community Development:Based on a Study of 30 Rural "Capable Women"
WANG Yi-huan & ZHANG Ya-juan
Gender Differences in Poor Farmers' Intra-household Labor Supply under the Risks of Major Illnesses
FENG Li, CHEN Yu-ping & DING Shi-jun
The Research of Hui Women's Approaches to "Sickness": Case with Hui Women's Approaches to Sickness in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of the Gansu Province
SUN Jin-ju
Nationalism and Feminine Fashion: A New Definition of the Year of Women's Domestic Products Movement in 1934
ZHOU Shi-feng
Gender in Matrimonial Law Suites: Examples from Judicial Precedents and Archives in Hebei, Shaanxi, Henan & Shandong Provinces during the Qing Dynasty
WU Xin
Another Side of Feminist Literature Review
SUN Gui-rong
The Plight of Overstepping the Body: Seeing the Female in Chinese Sports Films through Queen of Sports (1934), Woman Basketball Player NO.5 (1957) and Sha Ou (1981)
LV Huang & LI Gang-bing
Feminist Critique of Justice Theory in Contemporary Political Philosophy
FU Cui-lian
Summary of International Conference on Gender Studies
Characteristics of Women Entrepreneurs at the Levels of Individuals, Organizations and Environments
GAO Xiu-juan
Pushing against Domestic Violence through Adjudication: Summary of the Training Workshop on Sino-Australia Cooperation against Domestic Violence
Witch and Witch Culture in a New Perspective and Classic Women's Studies: Reading Fang Yan's Women in Song Dynasty from a Perspective of Witch Culture
DIAO Pei-jun & LIU Dong
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