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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Security of Rural Women's Right to Land
SHANG Chun-rong
Women Scientists' Career Development Path
——Based on Research in Tianjin
ZHANG Ting-jun ZHANG Zai-sheng
Gender Analysis of "Survey among University Students on Their Sense of Security in Seven Provinces"
LI Ying-tao
Levels of Satisfaction with Marriages: Comparing Women Who Stay behind and Who Do not
XU Chuan-xin
Major Issues in Hindering the Development of Rural Women: Investigation of Villages in Yangdong County, Guangdong Province
KANG Wan-zhu
Changes in Operational Functions and Capabilities of Women's Federations: Analysis of the Charters from the First to the Tenth of the All-China Women's Federation
MA Yan
Women's Marital Status in the Social Change Period in Tang Dynasty
SUN Yu-rong
On "A Woman without Talent Is Virtuous"
LIU Li-juan
Influence and Acceptance of Virginia Woolf's "Sexual Ambivalence" in China
CUI Hai-yan
When Madness Is No Longer an Accidental Occurrence
——Mental Problems of American Women in the 20th Century and Women's Literary Tales
XUE Chun-xia
Summary of the 2009 Annual Conference of the China Women's Research Association and the International Symposium on "Gender and Social Transformation: Global, Transnational and Local Realities and Perspectives"
MI Rui-xin SHI Kai-liang JIANG Xiu-hua
Women/Gender Studies in Anthropology and Ethnology Perspective
——Summary of the Panels on the Women/Gender and Anthropology of the 16th World Congress of IUAES
Li Ya-ni
Summary of the "Workshop on Women's Labor Protection in the Financial Crisis and the 3rd Forum on Women's Rights in Longjiang"
XIN Yuan
China's Transformation and Women: Summary of the "Forum on Sociology of Gender at the 2009 Annual Sociological Conference"
CAI Hong
Combining the Forces of Disciplinary Development and Promoting Women's/Gender Studies: "The First Congress of Representatives of the Members of Disciplinary Development Network of Women's/Gender Studies"
The Opening of the "Workshop on the Exchange of Experiences with Women's Studies Education in Universities"
LUO Ping
Post-Modern Feminism: Reading Feminist Theory: A Reader
SONG Su-feng
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