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Title:《Collection of Women's Studies》
Table of Contents:
Proportional Representation: Choices in Contemporary Gender Equality in Political Participation in China
LI Xiao-guang
Domestic Workers' Labor Rights
WANG Zhu-qing & WU Dao-xia
The Identity of Domestic Workers and Their Political Union Rights
——A Case Study of a Domestic Workers' Union in Xi'an
GUO Hui-min
Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: Inequality in Powers and Identities Shown in Twenty Cases
Research Group
Discuss on Women's Statutory Pensionable Age in China
GAO Qing-bo & Deng Han
Gender Differences and Occupational Accomplishment among Doctorate Graduates
MA Ying
"Class" in the Chinese Women's Movement: Study of the Decision on Women's Movement by the National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party
HAN He-nan
The Characteristics of Female-headed Households of the Song Dynasty
LI Zhi-ping
The Significance of New Women Images in New Fictions
ZHOU Le-shi
What We Can Learn from Japanese Legislation on Workplace Sexual Harassment
LI Li-xin
Birmingham School's Early Feminist Studies
HE Lei
Review of the Studies on Buddhist Women in China
ZHANG Wen-xue
30 Years of Development of Communication and Gender Studies
ZHANG Jing-jie
Women Negated by the System: Reflections on Susan Olice's "Recasting Rape: Language and Sexuality"
ZHENG Yan-fang
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