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Nationalism and Feminine Fashion: A New Definition of the Year of Women's Domestic Products Movement in 1934
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-8-19
Keyword: Year of Women's Domestic Products Movement, nationalism, feminine fashion
Author: ZHOU Shi-feng

Nationalism and social fashion are the core elements of "modernity"; conflicts between the two come into the fullest expression in "the Year of Women's Domestic Products Movement". Linking consumer behavior and the fashionable ideas of women with nationalism, and politicizing and moralizing women's fashion, were a strategy of public propaganda during the above movement. The increase, instead of decrease, of the import of women's luxury goods during the movement indicated that nationalism could not win over fashion. Modern metropolis feminine fashions worshipping foreign products is perhaps not a matter of women lacking nationalist sentiments. It is rather an inevitable result of modern masculine construction of society.

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