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Another Side of Feminist Literature Review
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-8-19
Keyword: feminist literature review, women's literature review, suspicions
Author: SUN Gui-rong

"Women's literature review" is a relatively broader genre, within which "feminist literature review" is a more radical branch. There exist a large amount of styles of critiques that come into women's literature from literature, anesthetics, and social, ethical and class based analysis outside of gender analysis. This absorption may consciously or unconsciously give rise to a tendency to move towards some degree of gender politicization. Such reality suggests that in the literature review there is uneasiness about the politicization of feminist critique, resulting in feminist literature review experiencing suspicions. Such suspicions are related to the formation of knowledge in China since the new era and also to the fact that feminist literature review arose from literary critique from a sociological perspective outside of literary theory. This reality, moreover, reflects that in the contemporary Chinese discourse, feminist literature review is filled with weaknesses and sketchiness.

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