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When Madness is No Longer an Accidental Occurrence--Mental Problems of American Women in the 20th Century and Women's Literary Tales
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-8-19
Keyword: women's mental problems, witchcraft, social expectant insinuation, madness
Author: XUE Chun-xia

This paper discusses the notion of women's madness in the 20th century America. As history wrongly linked women to witchcraft and irrationality, women had experienced a hard time changing from keeping reticence to opening to literary confession. The numerous cases of mad women, particularly the madness of women poets, suggest that this is not at all an accidental occurrence as therapists imagined. Instead, it implied that social expectations of women were what suppressed women into their mental disorder. It turned out that male chauvinism, combined with male-dominated ideology, exerted a negative impact on women's mentality and was the sources of women's madness. To step completely from the madness tendency, women need to elevate their independent thinking and grant their sexual identify the same recognition as that of men.

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