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Women Negated by the System: Reflections on Susan Olice's "Recasting Rape: Language and Sexuality"
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2010-8-19
Keyword: rape, ideology, biggest resistance, subject
Author: ZHENG Yan-fang

Susan Olice's Recasting Rape examines language practice in court cases of rape by someone familiar. Olice holds that the trial is manipulated by the hidden standards of "high resistance". The ideology of this manipulation set the tone of language in rape trial and attempts to explain victim's resistance strategy as consenting sexual act and is woven through court proceedings of sexual violence. Through analysis of the language used by different parties during the court proceedings, women are treated by the forceful system as absent and ineffective subject and rape fantasy is still engraved in the presupposition logic of court trial and is the ideological framework of speculations by all parties of the trial.

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