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Gender and HIV / AIDS control
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2011-3-16
Topic name: Gender and HIV / AIDS control
Sources of funding: Funded by United Nations Development Fund for Women
Project Leader: Long Qiuxia, Project Leader, Zhu Jiaming, Associate Project Leader
Completion time: Project Proposal in December 2001, Concluded in De
Results form: Reports on "Male Responsibility and HIV / AIDS Control" and "Law and Policy for HIV / AIDSA Control"
This project found that the objects of the studies have "two low, one high, two more, and one less" problems. Specifically, the awareness of AIDS prevention is generally low. The rate for the use of condoms is low. The probability of HIV infection of women by their spouses or boyfriends is high among sexually transmitted disease and HIV infectious victims. Men’s sexual attitudes tend to be more open than women. Men tend to have more non-marital sex, and more extramarital sex partners than women. Women generally follow men in sex and have less decisive power than men, based on which this project raises conclusions and countermeasures.
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