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Name: Li Yinhe
Location (province): Beijing
Unit: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Title / Position: Researcher, professor and Ph. D supervisor
Research subjects: Marriage,family,women studies and sexology
Undertake projects:
Achievements: 1. On Sex, Culture and Art Publishing House, 2008
2. 20 Lessons on Sexual Love, Tianjin People's Publishing House, 2008
3. Co-author, East Asian Sexuality: Modernity, Gender and New Sexual Cultures,Zed Books, London & New York, 2008
4. Chief editor, Women: The Longest Revolution —— Selected Works on Modern Feminism Theory in the West, China Women's Publishing House, 2007
5. Chief editor, Chinese Valentine's Day and Traditional Emotive Culture, China Radio and Television Publishing House, 2007
6. Li Yinhe's Selected Works, Inner Mongolia University Press, 2006
7. Feminism, Shandong People's Publishing House, 2005
8. Between Sexes, East China Normal University Press, 2005
9. Comfort is All You Need —— Let's Talk about Love, Modern World Publishing House, 2005
10. Between Sexes, Taiwan Wunan Press, 2004
11. Co-author of The Rich and The Poor – Wealth Division of China's Urban Families, East China Normal University Press, 2004
12. Co-author of Chinese Women at the Turn of the Society, China Social Sciences Press, 2004
13. Sex and Marriage, Taiwan Wunan Press, 2003
14. Women's Love and Sex, Taiwan Wunan Press, 2003
15. Reports on Sex Culture, Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2003
16. The Li Yinhe Collection II: Volume 1 Reproductive and Village Culture; Volume 2 Sex Issues; Volume 3 The Establishment of Women's Power; Volume 4 Queer Theory, Culture and Art Publishing House, 2003
17. Feminism, Taiwan Wunan Press, 2003
18.The Li Yinhe Collection I: Volume 1 Sexuality and Marriage in China; Volume 2 Love and Sexuality of Chinese Women; Volume 3 The Subculture of Homosexuality; Volume 4 The Subculture of Sadomasochism, China Youyi Press, 2002
Tel: 010-85195558
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