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Name: Chen Mingxia
Location (province): Beijing
Unit: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Title / Position: Professor of Law Research Institute
Research subjects: Civil law, law of domestic relations, inheritance law, women's law
Undertake projects: The surveys and research projects in which Professor Chen has taken part include Anti-trafficking of Women. Enforcement Problems and Countermeasures in Women's Law. The government has adopted recommendations in many of his survey reports. Professor Chen has also made draft amendments to the Marriage Law, women's law, labor law, adoption law, Law on Protecting the Health of Mothers and Infants, and the Law on AIDS Prevention and Treatment. He is now involved in research projects on domestic violence, anti-domestic violence legislation and comparative research on social gender and the law.
Achievements: 1.New Marriage Law, editor-in-chief, Henan People's Publishing House, December 1980;
2.Summary of Labor Law, co-author, Finance Publishing House, November 1985;
3.Marriage Law, author, Sichuan People's Publishing House, October 1988;
4.Construction of Chinese Human Rights, co-author, Sichuan People's Publishing House, 1994;
5.Chinese Marriage and Family toward 21st Century, co-author, Jilin People's Publishing House, December 1995;
6.Law of Domestic Relations, co-author, Law Publishing House, December 1997;
7.Theory and Practice of Anti-domestic Violence Series, editor-in-chief, Chinese Social Sciences Press, 2003—2004
1.Views on Freedom of Marriage, Journal of Law Research, 1979
2.View on Guaranteeing Chinese Women's Rights, Collection of Women's Studies, 1992
3.Thoughts on Building Eugenics and Health Law, Journal of Law Research, 1991
4.Amendments to Marriage Law and Guarantees of Women's Marriage Rights: Collections for the 5th Anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women (FWCW) May 2000
5.Research on Basic Problems of Parent-child Law, Review of Civil and Commercial Law,, Law Publishing House, April 1997
6.Gender Awareness: New Supporter of the Amended Marriage Law, China Women’s News, June 24, 2000
7.Marriage Law and Chinese Women's Rights in Marriage and the Family, Holding Up Half the Sky: Chinese Women Past, Present, and Future, The Feminist Press,New York,2003
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