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Name: Gao Xiaoxian
Location (province): Shaanxi Province
Unit: Shaanxi Research Association for Women and Family
Title / Position: Secretary-general
Research subjects: Modernization and rural women's development, social gender and development in impoverished areas
Undertake projects: From September 2004 to August 2006 Gao Xiaoxian compiled training reference materials on rural women's political participation. At the same time, she launched a pilot project in Hexian county, Shaanxi wherein a higher proportion of women cadres are on village committees. From April 2004 to March 2007, Gao was in charge of the project to construct Chinese Women NGOs. She also took part in a pilot project from May 2004 to April 2006 on Health Education Based on Communities in Impoverished Areas of Xixiang county, Shaanxi province.
Achievements: 1.Social Gender and Development in China: Review and Outlook, Shaanxi People's Publishing House, 2002, co-authored with Jiang Bo and Wang Guohong;
2.Social Gender Analysis:Poverty and Rural Development, Sichuan People's Publishing House, 2000, co-authored with Xu Wu, Bao Xiaolan, Xuping
3.Research on Improving the health of Women of Child bearing Age Chinese Book Press, co-authored with Xiao Yang, Hu Yukun and Wang Linhong
1.View on Modernization and Women's Liberation, 1990
2.Rural Labor Migrants of Modern China and the Trend of Feminization in Agriculture, 1994
3.Modernization of China and Changes in Rural Women's Status, 1994
4.Chinese Women's Development: Analysis and Recognition in Practice, 1999
5.Activity Space and Strategy of Chinese Non-governmental Women's Organization, 2000
6.Analysis of Maternity and Prenatal Services for Impoverished Rural Women and the Roles of the State, Market and Culture, 2002

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