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Name: Zhang Mingyun
Location (province): Jilin Province
Unit: Women's Studies Center, Northeast Normal University
Title / Position: Professor, former Director of the Center
Research subjects: Basic principles of women's studies, women's studies discipline construction, women's education, social change among women and development research on women
Undertake projects: 1. Influence of Culture Shock on Women’s Mental Health, Chinese Women’s Research Society program, 2004-2005 2. National University Women's Studies Teaching and Research Network and Database Construction, collaborative project with Peking University, 2003-2005 3. Studies on Socialist Market Economy and Chinese Women's Development, Jilin Province Planning Social Science Project, 2001 4. Women's Education and Social Development, funded by United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (UBCHEA)1999-2001 5. Women's Participation in Higher Education Survey and Analysis, the State Education Commission 9th Five-Year plan period social science planning project, 1997 – 1998 6. Women's Issues in the Industrialization of Rural Areas in Jilin Province, Jilin community Science Planning Project, 1994-1995
Achievements: Papers:
1. Impact of Socialist Market Economy on Women's Liberation in China, China Women's University Academic Journa, Issue 11, 2004
2 Women's Research and Practice in China's Higher Education, Collection of Women's Studies, Issue 3, 2002
3. Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Women's Liberation, Northeast Normal University Academic Journal, Issue 1, 2002
4. Characteristics of Women's education in China and its Cross-century Development Trends, Northeast Normal University Academic Journal (social science edition) 2001, Issue 1
5. Chinese Women's Participation in Higher Education-Status, Constraints and Trends, Chinese Higher Education Research Issue 1, 2000
1. Women's Studies' Teaching Mode of Higher Education; Women's Studies Teaching Localization - the Asian Experience, Contemporary China Publishing House, 2004
2. Women Studies' Theory and Methodology, Jilin Education Publishing House , 2003
3. Women’s Progress and Social development, Northeast Normal University Press, 1995

Tel: 0431-5646342
Email: zhangmy@nenu.edu.cn
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